Open Source Big Data Tools

Best Open Source Big Data Tools in 2019

Ever considered which open source project should be used in your next big data project?
Here’s a curated list of the best open source projects of 2019

  • Data Repositories – The foundation of the Big Data world, for many this category is what Big Data is all about – Hadoop, NoSQLs, Analytic Databases and more. Nevertheless, as important as this category is, it’s only one part of the the entire puzzle.
  • Data Analysis – This category consists of different solutions for data analysis and visualization: from classic BI tools adjusting their capabilities to new agile tools solving niche problems such as log analysis; sophisticated data visualization libraries and more.
  • Development Frameworks – MapReduce, Hive, Pig, etc.. everything you need to know in order to start developing big data products.
  • Real Time Computation – The rise of Real Time Web is driving new technologies that can handle large amount of traffic and provide real time analysis and computation of that data.
  • In-Memory Data Grids – These tools provide a fabric of servers maintaining an in-memory cache of data enabling quick response to queries without the need to access a data repository for every request.
  • Middleware – tools that glue everything together, while they rarely provide real business on their own, they are in many cases necessary to make a system work smoothly.


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